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Qualinx B.V. is a fabless semiconductor company providing low-power and low-cost single-chip CMOS solutions as well as their related IPs for IoT applications. Qualinx wireless technology provides high quality communication links with the lowest power consumption know as Quadrature Series LC Ring Oscillator (QSLCRO).

QSLCRO is a ready-to-plug-in nano-scale CMOS oscillator core that combines low phase noise with low costs. Its size a comparable with conventional ring oscillators (< 0.01 mm2), while it has 10–20 dB better phase noise FoM. It provides a very wide tunning range of an octave (i.e., its maximum frequency is 2x the minimum frequency) with frequency steps of kHz in GHz range. Its quadrature output signal can be used for both wired line and wireless communication devices, especially when low-cost high-volume applications such as USB 3.0 is targeted.

Ditiq B.V. is a startup to commercialize the PhD work of Dr. Morteza Alavi in Digital IQ Transmitters.

The goal of the company is to distribute intellectual property (IP) rights related to several RF-IC transmitter chips which are power-efficient and, at the same time, they produce very clean frequency spectrum while they are transmitting watt-level RF signals for mobile, wireless and connectivity applications such as handsets and smartphones.

Our research concentrates on I/Q RF-DAC transmitter. Although polar transmitters are more efficient, they cannot manage very wideband signals due to bandwidth expansion of their related paths. Thus, only the I/Q modulator due to its direct summation of I/Q paths can handle very wideband baseband signals. Here, there is no need of analog components such as DACs and low pass filters (LPFs). Hence, it is more friendly to 16nm FinFet technology, more reconfigurable and can be utilized as a software-defined transmitter to support all standards. Therefore, we proposed a novel high-performance RF-DAC transmitter for mobile, wireless and connectivity applications.

It is worth saying that we have received two best paper awards as well as being selected as a finalist in Broadcom University Foundation Competition. These results have motivated us to think of a real product out of our research activities.

Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) supports its graduate students to found start-up companies. In this regard, Delft Enterprises B.V. has been established by TU-Delft in order to facilitate start-up companies which are related to TU-Delft graduate research projects. Consequently, Delft Enterprises B.V., Professor Bogdan Staszewski, Professor Leo de Vreede and and Morteza Alavi founded DitIQ B.V. on 25 th of July 2014. For your information, DitIQ’s chamber of commerce (KVK) number is: 61155853.

FastTree3D B.V. Innovation in 3D Imaging Technology. 3D vision enables intelligent actions that increase safety, productivity or enable new user-interactions. .

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